Santana Row created one of the most technologically advanced communities in the nation. Partnering with Hewlett Packard, Cisco, Castle Cable, Qwest and SBC Pacific Bell, they offer the customer, retailer, resident and hotel guest an array of technology. Both resident and hotel guest have access to high speed Broadband Internet network on the day of their arrival. Additionally, packages for wireless internet access, digital cable television and on-line interactive community information is also available. Cisco Systems is providing the wireless internet solution including network switching and routing interfaces. The central boulevards, parks and many other open spaces are equipped for the general public to use their roaming internet interfaces. You can therefore have the same level of access on the street or in the park as in your home. Qwest is partnering to provide VPN, (Virtual Private Network), and long distance telephone service for retailers and residents. The Online Community Information is set up to provide an array of local current information and services for the hotel guest, restaurateur, retailer and resident. Calendar of events, maintenance, movie ticketing, reservations, are a few of the services provided with the capacity to modify and expand in the future to accommodate the needs and desires of the community.