Santana Row's residential living combines a unique and diverse experience of a mixed-use environment capitalizing on an array of services, entertainment, dinning and shopping. Additionally, Santana Row offers an art screen cinema, a four-star hotel, spa and health club, farmer's market, and gourmet grocers for all residents and guests. Each residential block is vertically integrated on retail over the entire 18 block neighborhood. With the use of over eight different architects, each residential block is richly textured with individual architectural and artistic features. Each building is crafted with precision to complement its intent and place within the block system. With the use of French balconies, patios, large vertical window frames and up to 22 foot ceilings, the dwellings offer uninterrupted views of the California coast, mountains and the bustling streets below. The residential dwellings were inspired by some of the most well known places and emerging ways of living in the world such as the SOHO urban loft, the resort-like ultra luxury villa, the direct park triple story town home and the high-rise apartment. Truly to become the regions cultural hub, the residential experience offers a one-of-a-kind experience unequalled in the Bay Area.