On the forefront of new urban development concepts, Mr. Flanagan has carefully researched the mixed-use environment throughout the world, crafted uniquely qualified development teams and created effective management strategy that address the execution of large complicated and unprecedented projects. Often these projects require a more sophisticated management model then the classic; define, design and construct method. Complimented by best practices research, his focus on outcomes and value on people, his development process is a customer focused continuum of critical evaluations, attention to detail and a refined team structure. All issues are evaluated against the vision and goals of the development. His approach has proven essential in achieving the right outcome for large developments.


As Director of Santana Row, he was responsible for building an international team of staff and consultants in the hundreds and for all aspects of the work including public relations, entitlement, legal, development, design, retail delivery, construction, leasing, financial analysis, marketing, accounting and administration. In his capacity, he was responsible for establishing the USA - Western regional head quarters and for providing development operations direction. In a multidisciplinary environment, Mr. Flanagan places a high value on both the integration of expertise and challenging staff and consultants to think outside of old models to find unique solutions to new and changing trends. His effort at Santana Row has resulted in the creation of a highly successful world class mixed-use experience. Alan Hess, from the San Jose Mercury News states, “The new multi-use project on Stevens Creek Boulevard is a tour de force in imaginative design, planning and execution. The audacious concept blends housing, shopping, restaurants, entertainment, a hotel and parking into a fully formed public space…” Santana Row has, even in a challenging market, seen a remarkable response by the customer. Santana Row's retail sales trends are growing monthly and the residential is achieving a significant rent premium over the top of the market.


To be sure the current and long term success of his developments, like Santana Row, are the result of Mr. Flanagan's focus on effective team management and masterly execution. He has a unique understanding of the mixed-use environment and the experience to successfully develop a significant asset and an urban experience that responds to changing times.