"Santana Row is enlightened commercialism commerce that realizes it does its best when it is part of the daily life of shopping, relaxing and doing business."

"Great American cities were not built around single family homes on large lots requiring a tangle of streets that create traffic congestion. Rather, they were built around buildings fronted directly on the street, with businesses on the ground floor and living spaces on upper floors. People linger in such places. They stroll, celebrate and create."

"...Santana Row is significantly more than an imitation. Its historical sources are altered so thoroughly, so creatively, so commodiously to this suburban commercial strip site that it represents a true evolutionary leap in urban design."

"Santana Row, ... is the most ambitious attempt yet in the United States at grasping an urban design Holy Grail: successfully mixing stores with housing..."

''I thought Santana Row was a fantastic vision, and I wanted to be part of such a revolutionary place,'' said Taryn Rose, whose shoe store joins her ventures in Beverly Hills and New York City."

"Flanagan said Santana Row was partly inspired by his own neighborhood, 24th Street in San Francisco 's Noe Valley . There, he said, he has strolled and shopped and taken his children for ice cream for years, until the place was part of him and he was part of it. It grows on you. That's what place is all about, Flanagan said..."